Anionizer (c) Orgone energy Art

Why my Orgone energy Art benefits Pets, People & the Planet



The 2012 report confirms that Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) radiation emitted by electronics and technological devices—such as WiFi, cell phones, smart meter, Bluetooth®, video game consoles, desk/laptop computers, cell/radio towers, microwave ovens etc.,—damage our electromagnetic field.


What is an electromagnetic field?


All human beings are electromagnetic—every form of medicine confirms this; in fact, when you go for an MRIs or high speed cat Scans, ultrasounds, etc., these medical devices pick up and measure bio-electric frequency of the organs to diagnose health issues.  Our hearts produce the highest, rhythmic, electromagnetic fields in the body. Science has proven that emotional information is encoded into the heart's electromagnetic field and is communicated to the brain. When we are enjoying things that make us happy and smile, the heart radiates at a higher frequency, which promotes health, healing and well-being within us and our environment; simultaneously, it contributes to the health of those around us and ultimately the earth.


What is EMF radiation?


EMF radiation is generated by electronic and other communication devices and is a factory for unpaired electrons called free radicals or positive ions.  These positive ions—odd-numbered electrons—enter our bodies and capture negative ion electrons in the hopes of creating a stable state. Once the free radical atom captures an electron it breaks off and creates another free radical atom which starts an irremediable chain reaction that will eventually damage the cell membrane and cause the gradual dysfunction of organs and make it possible for many types of disabilities, diseases and disorders including cancers and aging to occur.


What is an Ion ?


Ion are electrically-charge, odd-numbered groups of atoms that have gained or lost an electron or electrons. Positive ions are odd-numbered electrons and cause harm. Negative ions, however, are even-numbered groups of electrically-charged atoms and promote healing.


How can EMF radiation harm us?


The EMF radiation damage is the non-thermal radiation that has too low a frequency to damage skin tissue but can saute your DNA and mutate cells. Science, doctors and independent researchers agree that some of the symptoms of EMF radiation sensitivity (exposure)—listed in the bio-initiative report—include dizziness, concentration problems, skin rashes, increased/abnormal heart rate, hyperactivity, diabetes, epilepsy, headaches, blood clotting, restlessness, and insomnia.  Additionally, DNA damage—synthesis in glioma cells (brain)—promote and accelerate cell mutations, cancer cell proliferation, chronic fatigue, infertility reproductive damage, leukemia, mood swings, sadness, depression and behavioral/conduct problems e.g., school.  Other symptoms may include neurological problems, memory loss, low libido, an impaired nervous system, organ damage—including heart, kidney and liver—an induced pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier, cardiovascular problems, disrupted calcium metabolism and early childhood development disorders and more.


How can BoomEnergy anionizer ornaments protect us?.


Our BoomEnergy Anionizer Ornaments are made with positive, productive, prosperous intentions for love, life and light. They are energized by the sun and cured with high frequency sound waves. In most of our ornaments, for example, you will find any combination of organic and inorganic material including—but not limited to—clear casting, copper, iron, steel, aluminum, nickel (black shot), brass, gold leaf, silver leaf and minerals.  They also comprise crystals stones which include terminated and non-terminated quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, red jasper, garnet, molybolenite, blue aventurine, green aventurine, black aventurine, citrine, Rogh quartz points, rough amethyst points, Vogel resin Lemurian quartz wands and moldavite.  Lava (basalt) Rock, river stone, found stones, hardwood shavings, bark, Silica, flower pedals, leaf, sage, sweet grass, mushroom, birds' nest, bee hive, log soil, oats, fruit, vegetable seed and other organic and non organic materials. We are always exploring and discovering new materials and combinations to maximize the Anion energy output and frequencies that tune various meridian points.


How does the device work?


An anionizer device works by attracting harmful electromagnetic free radicals (cation or positive ions), to the various metals and crystals before they are converted to positive life-giving energy by the dominant amount of anions. When the metals, mineral crystals are compressed by the curing resin, the crystals becomes polarized—also known as the piezoelectric effect—creating a perpetual anion energy charge. Our brain waves tune into frequencies similar to that of radio sound waves. Like our brain, our meridian points also tune into sound waves that are derived from mineral crystals, metals and other organic materials.  A copper (Tesla) coil is added to help create a vortex within the device that will transfer the fresh, positive (etheric) life force to its environment. Orgone (anion) energy opens up and energizes our energy vortex wheels (chakras) that are aligned with our major glands and nerve plexus. BoomEnergy Ornaments complement a healthy lifestyle and will boost your energy, promote healing and well-being.



In 1940, psychoanalyst Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered an energy form, which he named Orgone. This type of energy charges up and radiates from plants, the human body, all other living organisms, space and the earth's atmosphere. Orgone energy is synonymous with life energies such as: prana, chi, kundalini , prana. It is that beautiful, blue light that radiates from and around the Earth or the blue halo you see surrounding galaxies whenever you look at photos or videos taken from outer space. Orgone energy boosts the electromagnetic field which guards your DNA, supports your immune system and reduces symptoms of diseases, disorders and disabilities.