I Denounce Satan

Regardless of your religion, spiritual belief Satan is a common enemy we need to unite against to defeat and free our souls.  


We will stop oppression, death, demons, disabilities, disorders and diseases by exposing and educating ourselves to the Pentagram system and all its evil works.

We will remove Satan as land LORD of earth and return to high vibrating beings who only know to love whilst procuring, cultivating and managing life.


We share information links, discuss the abstract aspect of news and events that affect We The People.

Together we the people become the Supreme Being that is mightier than the Pentagram that divides by way of the sword.

Lyfe is for the Living Prayer

The great invincible spirit who host all that exist Metu Neter be the Name 


Keep me elected in the book of everlasting life


Forgive my body for being used to do evil works


Authorize me to expose and evict evils


Sever all generational contracts, bonds, ties, curses, karmic debt evil forces may have with me


I renounce the Anti-Life, Draconian society, Satan all evil agents and works 


Free me of all, disabilities, disorders, diseases and demons


I keep the L.A.W of Ptah Mother Nature guides and protects me


Life is for the Living


So Be It

Life is for the Living Prayer

Termination Agreement