100% proof Pole shift Illuminati Electromagnetic Warfare false flags to come Dec 24 2016

Get a compass and as many metal objects you can find. Place each object over the compass and discover that it is magnetically charged to the south pole. How can metal become magnetized without being charged directly by a magnet? The answer was learned in science when we attached copper wires to a battery and a nail. The source of frequencies that are affecting Earth's polarity and causing a psuedo pole shift is disbursed by Wifi, satellite technology. cell phone towers, radio towers, smart metre, microwave technology, Haarp machines fields and many other technologies that ionize and disperse free radical protons into our atmosphere. We the people and our Planet Earth are under siege by Electromagnetic Warfare. We are being attacked by people loyal to Lucifer and possessed to do Evil works. The first thing we need to do is align ourselves with the Supreme Being who is life and renounce the Anti-Christ Lucifer Satan and all evil works who is Death. Then we must strengthen our Electromagnetic force fields by visiting my website to learn more about EMF radiation, its deadly effects on your body and obtaining one of my trademark EBB's to reduce theirs of cancer, mental disorders and other deadly side effects.

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