A Bucket full of Kombucha Scoby's For MasterpieceFarmery & A Free Bucket For You to Give Too

I was cleaning up my kitchen, organizing some things to take to MasterpieceFarmery and decided to add my scoby hotels to the pig bucket. I have stopped processing the Kombucha while in transition and the jars became fruit fly heaven. Some people dehydrate them before feeding them to their pets, I am going to divide the over 20 pounds of Kombucha fungi between my chickens and pigs.

Feed time is the most exciting time of most days at our homestead.

Not because its time to eat but about what they will get to eat and no two days bring the same edibles. We have three families donating their table scraps to our farm animals on a regular basis in exchange for future eggs, honey and whatever Stewardian crafted goodies MasterpieceFarmery produces.

If you are a local food business or a personal family that would love to repurpose your NON MEAT perishable food items on a regular basis in exchange for future produce and crafts, please contact us and arrange to have a free bucket or two delivered to your home. Winter is a great season to set table leftovers aside with no flies to worry about and keeping the bucket outside allows the foods to freeze for storage, not to mention most animals that would normally eat garbage are away until spring.

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