Catahoula Farm Dog Working with Pigs

The first time my dog Timber encountered pigs she was cornered in a trailer and would not lay eyes on them or follow me to their area for chores. I thought she may have been cured out. Over time with not putting any expectations on her she slowly came around to following me back to their area. One day she saw a rabbit come out of their shelter and the game was on. She went through the Elric fence and would not leave until I went in and pulled her out. She was no longer afraid. Today January (Friday) the 13th 2017 I pulled into my driveway and found a gang of pigs 200 winding yards away from their area raiding my goats feed. I grabbed a bucket of food scraps, my dog Timber and the training session began. We have lots of learning to do and I am thrilled with my Catahoula farm dog in the making.

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