Northern Cops Arrest off Duty Pigs Escort Cow-sized Sow in Time to Deliver Babies

Yes its true our hero​e​s uniformed in black & blue escort pigs back to safety too. Most police officers and farmers would tell you no two work days are the same. On Sunday January 15 2017 O.P.P. Officer Matt, Author, Artist, offgrid homesteader Christopher A Chaplin and the residents of Chetwynd rd in the town of Armour had an unusual day the will remember for a long time.

Keeping up with soaring hydro ​costs

​and other service fees have become malignant for some and have forced most everyone to at least imagine living a life independent of the energy cartels monopoly on electricity. But for Christopher and his son Chris Jr. transitioning to a self propelled energy lifestyle has been rough and comes with many challenges​,​ including keeping a solar electric fence charged enough to Corral 3 pig beast​s​.

Winter is the most challenging season to produce solar electricity. A single deep cycle 12 volt battery and a 4 watt panel isn't enough to maintain a strong enough current to deter hungry hogs from wreacking havoc on Armour township whilst roaming for food. Neighbours of Masterpiecefarmery kept safe by locking themselves in cars and staying in their homes. Ontario Provincial Police Officer Matt and Armour township residents Dan and Tia Bigelow struggled for over two hours chasing pigs around town until they finally managed to lead them back to Masterpiecefarmery. They were lead into a pen normally occupied by goats who were forced to stay shut inside their home until better arrangements can be made for the hogs by Mr. Chaplin.

When the police have to deal with stray farm animals the O.S.P.C.A are called to investigate the owner involved. The last thing Christopher wanted was for the off grid dream to turn into a nightmare or become even more difficult than it already is building a homestead with low to no income. At first glance O.S.P.C.A agents Natalie Rizzuti and Luke Thompson were not happy to see 3 giant hogs including one pregnant sow in a 10' x 15' pallet pen and were about to leave with great concern. However after taking a tour of the property and seeing how Mr. Chaplin had felled some trees and was in the process of making a floating corral to support the electric fence lines and was converting a utility trailer into a farrowing shelter their fears were soothed. Satisfied with the health and welfare of all animas on the farm Luke and Natalie blessed the off grid farmery in the making with a binder and books of animal husbandry guild lines.

"All I need is some chainlink or cattle fence to tack to the corals, a 20 watt or greater solar panel and a back up battery to insure escaping pigs and other livestock won't happen again."

"I am grateful to the courageous Police officers, willing neighbours and residents of Armour township and area who rescued my pigs just days before she has her first piglets. You are all heroes that continue to help when I am in need. Just like a child it takes a community to raise a farm and I can't wait until masterpeicefarmery grows up and can pay back the community with foods, crafts, services and good energy" says Christopher Chaplin

If you would like to purchase books and cancer fighting energy art, donate moneys, foods, building materials or help Mr. Chaplin and his son Chris Jr. keep their farm growing please visit their website and gofundme campaign.

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