R.I.P Butch

I started raising pigs spontaneously after responding to an kijiji ad. Two giant 10 month old sows for $50 was all it took to catapult me into the world of pig farming.

Shortly after putting the word out I received an offer to barter future piglets in exchange for a mature Tamworth Boar. I was told by a few people that Butch the boar hog I was getting was massive but friendly. I went to pick him up and yes he was massive but scary. I delivered him to his new home and before long he was rooting with the girls and making babies.

He was the icon of the farm and a friendly beast with manners. He would back up on command before serving him his feed. He loved having his belly rubbed and never showed any aggression towards people until days before he was put to rest.

During the past couple of weeks we did not have much sunlight to charge the solar panels causing issues with keeping the electric fence charged. Eventually Butch and the girls terrorized the town for a day and was forced into a holding pen by the O.P.P and a few good neighbours.

Butch had our dog timber herding him, he was bumped by a car, placed into a new corral with one of the girls in heat and the other just having had babies in a corral across from him. Even if all this trauma did not cause him to go off and show aggression towards my son and I we could not compromise our safety while trying to feed him and the new mother sow. After exposing him to fresh faces hoping he was just mad at me or my son he continued to show aggression and was then put to rest.

We are thrilled to have a litter of piglets out of him and hope to have a second in a few months from our other sow that he just breed earlier this month. We are currently looking to replace Butch with another big boar to breed our girls.

Thanks for all the love and learning Butch we will all remember you!

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