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Healing - When it comes to raising your own foods you quickly learn that with livestock becomes dead stock and prevention is the best cure for any illness. Regardless of how clean, well fed, how much room to roam or how comfortable the dwelling you provide them dung happens and you're going to have to figure out how to heal your plants and animals before they die. If you have the money to call a vet to your farm everytime you have a health concern, then your animals will have a great shot at making it through what you are battling, however you are missing out on a great opportunity to bond and grow physically and spiritually with your pet and our planet Earth. And if you can't afford to call a veterinarian its time to become at one with Earth and be ready to lose a few health battles along the way.

I am on a Stewardian holistic wavelength however I prescribe to whatever works for you and whatever life form you are trying to bring back to optimum health. My experience with healing pets says that if you have an animal or plant that is a GMO and it got sick from artificial substances it is best to cure it with artificial products such as lab made medications. Equally if you have a non genetically modified or heritage breed and you are feeding it natural foods it will accept natural healing much better. The key is to understand and work with the DNA and breed in or out any desirable or undesirable environmental coping traits. Getting the injury under control with the proper treatment is key to a speedy recovery. Placebos can work in your mind however your animal believes in you and not your special potion or spiritual remedy so get it right and don't convince yorself your animal is healing when it may not be. Most people who heal without consulting a vet probably have a lot of experience working along side vets in care of previous pets or live stock.

Previously sick animals can be most beneficial to consume if they are healed naturally and not diseased. This answers to why hunters and gatherers appeal to foods of the wild. We raise our own animals to heal our spirits and have sovereignty over what goes into our bodies. In an uncontaminated world our DNA would respond triumphantly to any and all health issues. Without the experiences of illness the body can't program itself how to cure. With each problem a solution is programmed and stored in memory and when this tissue is consumed its DNA intelligence is passed on to you. You really are what you eat.

On this page we will share our healing triumphs and defeats in hopes of gaining a better understanding of what it takes to procure, cultivate and manage the healing aspects of farm life. What works for me ma not work for you when trying to heal your pets. Always consult a veterinarian Your purchases and financial gifts keeps us homesteading as natural as can be and sharing our experiences with you. All purchases and donations helps us grow. Please visit like and share our Facebook page and website.

Thank you Christopher A Chaplin

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