It's Time you Acquire Chaga

If you can’t personally go out into the woods and gather this fabulous wonder food yourself, then you will have to buy it if it is not gifted to you by a friend. Chaga is worth what you are willing to pay to drastically improve your health.

However, what you are buying may not help you as you intend to be helped. If it is not Chaga, if it is harvested from a dead tree or it has negative energy attached to it, what you are buying may harm you.

Sadly money is the king motivator for why some people harvest Chaga. The good news is anyone regardless of their social economical background or intent, who has experience with Chaga will become a better person and exist more symbiotically with our planet.

I exist living symbiotically with nature. I understand and continue to learn about frequencies, vibrations and the abstract aspects of spirituality and our existence. I harvest the Chaga ethically and inform each piece to heal and protect the body that consumes it.

We prefer to sell Chaga as it comes off of the tree. However due to consumer demand we sell and can process it in most forms such as cubes and powder. The Chaga that we currently have for sale has been cured for over a year. We charge .10 - .15 cents per gram with a 100 gram minimum. All proceeds from the sale of Chaga or any other gathered, grown or crafted products and services help us develop as a mushroom identification application, promote a symbiotic relationship with Earth, support my family and community. Join our facebook group.


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