We Are Ready to Get Our Boil On

Thanks to Mike's Industrial and Huntsville Machine & Tool for their speedy and quality one day service. I have both my 15 gallon / 57 litre stainless steel distiller pot and my 3 gallon / 11 litre finishing pan patched up and ready to evaporate and finish maple sap into syrup.

If you are resourceful and have enough foresight to be patient you can find the tools at great deals including for free. So far I have not invested more than $400 on our maple sugar bush supplies that include enough buckets and spiles to tap 300 plus trees.

Through sales and supports our next goals are to obtain a 1000 litre water tote to hold and store our maple sap, building a sugar shack shelter to hangout in, processing the syrup, canning. Keeping the wood dry will be a summer time project that will make next sap season more positive, prosperous and productive for MasterpieceFactoryTheFarm and our family of supporters.

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