Chaga for Goats Helps Milk production Too

Regardless of your budget people who own livestock want the best health for their pets. Knowledge of nutrition matters more than money when it comes to providing foods for your animals. Every piece of land or processed food product does not contain everything a goat or any other animal needs for optimum health. For this reason we research online, ask fellow farmers for advice visit our feed store for products that will help make our animals more productive. If you have more time than money or a strong desire to obtain the vitamin and minerals through natural foods, then like me you most likely do a lot of gathering through foraging for your livestock and self. If you are foraging in the forest keep an eye on Birch trees for that black fungi called Chaga that grows on them. Chaga has officially become the fresh buzz word in health and nutrition when it comes to combating cancer and boosting your immune system. Chaga surpasses any natural consumable object as it boast over 32000 antioxidant parts per million, it is high in melanin, vitamins and minerals including copper too. Ever since using it this spring I find my goats drinking more water, they are more playful, I am starting to notice less dry skin flakes and Chaga helps milk production too.

I use about a pound chunk for every 20 litres of water. I drop the chunk in their water bucket and keep filling it up when it is empty. If you top the bucket up before you shut them in for the night the next morning you will see the water transformed into a medicinal tea. When you take your goats out grazing on a hot sunny day make sure to leave the Chaga bucket exposed to the sun so that the heat can extract more vitamin and minerals. from the mushroom. When the colour of the chaga water becomes faded and transparent it is time to deposit another chunk of Chaga. If you are unable to find Chaga in the woods yourself purchasing it from someone that is knowledgeable and has high ethical standards for removing is the next option. For more information on Chaga please visit

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