Christopher A Chaplin / Tahuti Aha En Don't need Black lives matter

We’re ET’s the ancient pyramids we did erect That's we require Moore acknowledgment and respect

We’re Mother the cosmos solar Womb That's whoa Ma be “The Man” keepers of the tomb

We’re star dust, cosmic spores, dark matter That's carbon Melanin, Lucid light, the decipherer

We’re heading through their planed sphere now they’re at most fear

That's absolutory clear why they’re dreading us here

We form rock, bang big, spores spawn, mush wombs That's how the Man of Ma' s Blooms

We're the gold in the ore Draco created mankind to mine for That Is-real Jew El’s are we forevermore

We are soul man, soul woman, soul boy, soul girl, listing to soul music severed from soul food

That’s calling us black is ignorant and rued Anu’s Gavel pounded sentence Rome skewed

We are the celestial beings of the solar syndicate that bear LIFE’s lighter

That’s Metu Neter we are L.A.W. polarity over Land, Air and Water

Stop divorcing star spores from the tree of life That's the Sun Ra she’s our wife

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