Help us Expose and Evict the Anti-Christ Lucifer Satan Dec 2 2016

Are you ready to spiritually battle the Anti-Christ Lucifer Satan directly? Catholics, Christians, Muslims. Judaist, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostics regardless of your God or belief if you are tired of looking at chaos in your rear view mirror Then join me in saying I Denounce the Anti-Christ, Lucifer, Satan and all Evil Works. My name is Christopher Alvin Chaplin I have been blessed with wisdom and am risking my life on the physical plain for delivering solutions to you. It is imperative that you meditate on funding protection, wholeness for my life and help in any way you are able. like you I want to ascend and live free of tyranny and death. We the people have been completely divided, duped and if we don’t wise up our lives will be scooped by Death and purged from Earth. Evil hath a short time to wreak havoc on life If we can school together The father of Evil Works will hath no more time to exist. Let’s Help humanity uproot the tree of death for good. Happy High vibrations and may your mind, body and soul work as a whole

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