How to operate in your higher self Why we want a new age not Aquarius Super Power Thinking

You cannot operate at your higher self when you are at a lower level than your ego is the psychology. IAmTruthAwareness gives you operators instructions for reaching the level of thinking required to uplift yourself above your ego and into your higher self where you can focus on art directing your now. This chapter makes you aware of what to do with your stimulus checks especially for those who are wiping the sty from their just pried open eyes. Informs you of why and how manifestation at a faster rate is occurring including focusing on only new, out with the old including the baby and tub too. IAmTruthAwareness cautions you about putting soul energy into what is called the "age of Aquarius" and why we need to watch our words in this case Divinity. The soul beings could program the future using refined language is knowledge. Remember that this is year 0 / day whatever after December 21 2020. Like, subscribe, share, support, free your mind body and soul with energy art and alchemy boomenergies out with the re legions it’s about the way we live Life

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