I did not get super powers my powers got Super

Christopher A Chaplin Tahuti Aha En

I did not get super powers my powers got Super © 2020 Dec 25

Don’t watch what I’m doing

Show me what you got

Your lights out Ice cold

I’m light on lit burning hot

My body activated

Your body is about to rot

I’m ascending

You’re not

Saying I denounce Satan

Is the only chance you got?

We all want to shoot fire from our eyes, levitate the Whitehouse into outer space and feed the world 5 star dinners out of thin air. If your child is like mine or perhaps you yourself after hours of attempts are even trying to claim pushing paper with your hand stopping 1 foot away is an xman break through. Many of us who are experienced eating well and relying on alchemy to sustain our higher self are not sure if we should be disappointed with not having any ESP’s to show off. Personally, I did not get any new powers of the super kind but the things about me that I feel have separated me from the average spiritualist have indeed enhanced over the last month and peaking Christmas eve. Most importantly I am feeling very motivated which is a super power when all media makes you believe the sky is falling; we are traveling up. What we need to know on a science level is that Melanin is one of what we will be exposed to that is part of our natural bodies nervous. This particle that is most popular known for giving pigment is also required for a healthy state of mind dopamine and melatonin everything that has a neuron has melanin and interfaces with the solar system Metu Neter Mother Nature. For non-pigmented people this is the best thing ever for mental health and higher self-communication.

At a simplistic level earth is getting the ingredients to be happier and healthier including all beings save those who thrive on the lower end of the vibratory spectrum of frequencies. The harder it is to keep the population just above depressed always worried the more stress by way of global and local bad news the Draconian force upon us. Reaching and maintain operating in your higher self is now possible unless you know in truth you are not under the frequency control of Satan and the systems many institutions of mass ignorance. Cognitive dissidence is best dealt with a ruler, any instrument of measurement or following my words and messages form higher places. This video challenges its viewers to see the light and stop searching in the dark places of unknown for what you know is not there. It’s all about attitude focus on what you already do and get better at it, realizing you are a quicker study is a good sign that cell to cell communication (neuro synapsis) has increased towards super speed. Hugs for your support, please share and questions are the best comments. Iamtruthawarenss.com

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