Warning 2021 and the age of Aquarius are soul traps! Help stop the Satanic timeline from overtime

Light beings’ warriors of Light, chosen ones, djedi, spiritualist all who are conscious Join us in the fight to defend Mother Nature from another 6000 years of Hell under Draconian rule. The Satanic system that governs our world is relying on our ignorance and are calling for a continuation of their plan for demonic dominion over humanity. Many of us have been conditioned to wait for a hero to fight our battles and free us from captivity. That Hero becomes almighty us when we pull together and transform into our saviors as discussed in this and my previous videos. The first battle we must fight collectively is not recognizing the year 2021 setting it back to zero as it should now that the grand conjunction has passed. This is year 0 the first year of the new age that we will not recognize as Aquarius for reason we discuss in this video. Satan’s system has come to an end let me discuss the first of many steps to ensure that Roman rule won’t get a rewind. Please subscribe to our youtube channel like and share the post.

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