Travis Lane  Oshawa, Ontario 

I just want to say thank you so much for the EBB, I've been wearing it around my neck on a necklace and it makes a major difference from when I first was just putting it in my pocket. I have been wearing it around my neck i feel a lot more awake and actually started going on jogs and been exercising (something i have never felt the urge to do until i started wearing the EBB around my neck)!! I am epileptic and have several absent seizure a day which i am not aware of other than the after effects which cause me to be mentally exhausted all day long and feel down, however i now feel much more awake and energetic!! I wear it every single day now and in my opinion I feel a big difference wearing it every day, i am now feeling much more aware and alert. These are very interesting and unique, never have i felt this good in my entire life!! My whole life is slowly turning around for the better and i am beginning to feel a great sense of positive optimization in my life!!  I recommended to a friend that he should get one.  I used to have major issues with inconsistent sleep patterns, i would find myself waking up multiple times throughout the night with great troubles getting back to sleep! I place the more powerful EBB beside my bed at night and so i decided to place it under my pillow and ever since i have found that my sleep patterns are much more consistent and a lot less restless, waking up with very little to no problems getting back to sleep is a great feeling (one which i have not experienced in a long time) Thank you very much again, your product has helped me greatly in many ways!!